Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is not a technology and it’s not a specific application. It’s a process by which information can be gathered, collated and cleansed into a single place, and then made available to whoever needs it in its most useful form. This can range from simple reports and Excel spreadsheets, through trend analysis to complex dashboards and even predicting the future.


Most IT systems are designed with one purpose of running day to day business. They do a very good job in their own, however as an organisation it is likely that you encounter a number of following problems:
– Unable to create new reports from an old system
– Difficult to combine information from multiple systems
– Users may not have the skills or permission to access some systems
– Running reports during working hours slows down other users


A Business Intelligence platform will extract the useful data from any number of source systems and collate it into a central data warehouse. Depending on your situation there may only be a single source system, or there could be dozens all using different technologies.
The data is copied, it can be validated, cleaned, summarised, standardised and even enhanced. You can then decide who has access to this central pool of information, and in what format. You can be confident that your whole organisation is using the correct, consistent information to make their critical business decisions.

Business Intelligence Services

Identifying Data Source
Designing Data Warehouse
Extract Transform and Load
Reporting System
Data Mining

Business Intelligence Implementations

Most companies could gain huge benefits from a well implemented Business Intelligence platform. We have undertaken projects that have taken as little as a week and as much as two years.

Data Analytics

Today, with the growing volumes and types of data, organizations are bound to use this data to produce valuable business insights to stay at the competitive edge.
The advanced analytics capabilities and data driven approaches such as predictive modelling, data mining, text analytics, entity analytics, optimization, real-time scoring, machine learning, data streaming and much more are used to help organizations realize goals.

Predictive & Behavioural Analytics

With the techniques like data mining, statistical algorithms, modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Predictive Analytics identify the likelihood of future outcomes basis the historical and existing data lying in your data warehouse.
Behavioural Analytics is important for finding why people behave the way they do when using e-commerce platforms, social media sites, online games, and any other web application. Using Behaviour Analytics platform that helps understand the interactions and dynamics between processes, machines and equipment which may yield new deductions about operational risks and opportunities.

Data Visualization & Info Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand or even millions of variables! Especially when you’re trying to find relationships or identify new patterns in your data. Regardless of industry or size, all types of businesses are using data visualization to help make sense of their data and identify areas that need attention or improvement.
Infographics (a clipped compound of “information” and “graphics”) are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Components of Analytics

Decision Trees
Regression (Linear & Logistic)
Time Series Data Mining
ARIMA Models
Exponential Distribution Models
Holt Winters
Error, Trend, Seasonality(ETS)

Visualization Tools

Infographics PPT’s
Infographics DOC’s

Application Development

Having an application & web presence are the initial step towards business enhancement, this applies to all startup companies to big enterprises
We have with us many years of experience in the field of designing applications using cutting edge technologies like , PHP, JAVA, MySQL, ASP.NET and much more. Our vast experience includes designing and deploying a number of applications for small companies to big corporates. I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


– Requirement Study
– Analyse
– Strategize
– Test
– Deliver

Key Services

Web Application Development
Custom Software Development
E-Commerce Portals
Social Networking Development
Sports Portal Development
Work Flow & Document Management Portals
Reporting System Applications

Confused to make choice…!

If you are looking for Web Application Development, Custom Software Development, E-Commerce Website Development, CMS Portal Development, please feel free to contact us for your requirements.
We are ready to help you!

Consultancy Services

“There is nothing wrong in asking for help”, we extend our support clients with our consulting services ranging from first time implementations to mature deployments
We help in getting consultants who have years of experience with various software vendors and versions, and we stay current on any new releases so that we can fully support customer implementations & upgrades.

Consultancy Services Includes

– Assessments & Roadmaps
– Software Selection
– Hardware Selection
– Licensing & Pricing
– Managed Services
– Resourcing

Benefits of the service

Clear and unbiased perspective
Contributing fresh, new ideas
Diplomatic, but provocative approach
Results-oriented focus
Specific Technical Skills
Unique Solutions

Make Sense

Conveniently goal-oriented collaboration and idea-sharing and visionary methodologies. As the Process begins with understanding your business requirements and building strategies.


We realize that sometimes there are temporary requirements for projects and customers don’t want to add additional permanent resources, hence we do provide Staffing as per the Project Requirements for our customers at cost effective rates.

Staff Augmentation & Resourcing

Enables you in getting qualified and experienced personnel to fulfil your requirements and working exclusively for you.
Our services range from simple staff augmentation to dedicated teams of professionals assigned to assure integrated management of your capital project


Project Planning
Onsite Project Management
Resource Deployment
Monthly Review
Reporting & Client Side Review


Reducing and controlling operating costs
Improving company focus
Gaining access to world-class capabilities
Freeing internal resources for other purposes
Streamlining or increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions
Maximizing use of trending technologies

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